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Magazine website news portal free download from This magazine news portal website template is developed with HTML, CSS, javascript, bootstrap.

All of these websites used images also free to download and use your project. Magazine News Portal Website Design.

if you want to create a free website, then after reading this post, you can easily create a personal website of your own without the knowledge of any kind of web design. most people think about creating a website, then in order to create a website, you have to know different types of coding. however, I guarantee that without knowing any kind of HTML and CSS, you will be able to create a website completely free for your personal or small business by just dropping drags and drops.
the website has become a very important part of the current generation. there is no alternative to the website for personal needs or institutional work. a website can introduce your organization to the whole world faster and easier than any other way. in this generation of information and communication technology, the website can reach the information of your organization to people all over the world.
online, you will find many free domains and hosting services, but the question is how much it is reliable and how straightforward it is. most free domains and hosting providers allow companies to use certain services for free. when your website becomes a little popular, they bring your services to a limit and force you to charge different types of charges. so before creating a website on any free platform, you have to look at the good and bad aspects of it and then create a website. if not, you will have to face various types of problems to run your website in the future.

rules for creating a website:

there are usually two ways to create a website. one is completely free and the other is for money. we will share the way to build a website for free today. however, if you want to build a website in exchange for money, then you can buy a domain and host and create a website in your own name or in the name of the organization. usually, big bloggers or big companies create websites in exchange for money. however, most personal websites are made for free.

how to create a website:

although this does not go with today’s post, I am still showing you how much money it takes to create a professional website for everyone to know.

usually, how much money is required to build a website depends on the type of website. if you want to upload more data to your website, then you will have to buy a higher amount of hosting. and the more hosting you need, the higher the cost of building your website.
however, if you want to create a normal website, you will have to spend 4-5 thousand rupees per year only on domain and hosting. moreover, if you want to create a professional website, it will cost another 3-4 thousand rupees to buy the theme of the website only, except for hosting. so you have to spend at least 7-8 thousand rupees to create a website by buying domain hosting without a free website. after that, you will have to spend another 4-5 thousand rupees per year to keep the website active.

rules for opening a free website:

today, we will share six free website creation platforms from which you can easily create a free website without any knowledge. these platforms are very reliable and there will be no need for any kind of knowledge to create a website here. like a computer program, you can create a website of your choice by dropdown and clicking. you can even earn income from that website by creating website by dropping down and clicking through mobile.

creating a free website:

Here are six ways to create a free website. You can create a free website by choosing any one of the platforms of your choice. However, in the case of opening a free website, I would personally recommend Google BlogSpot and Google Site. Because it’s a Google company, it can be 100 percent relied on to run a website. Apart from this, you can easily create a free website in four other ways if you want.

01. Creating a free website with Google Blogger

google blogger is google’s own web service. without any coding knowledge, it is very easy to create a website using Gmail id. especially because it is a product of Google, blogging can be continued with full confidence.

there are many types of online-based google products that can not be used from all countries even if they want to. that is, google never opens all of its products to all countries. even google has many products that do not have the opportunity to buy from different countries in exchange for money. google blogger is a product that Google has kept open to all countries. since google blogger is directly connected to google’s server, you do not have to worry about any service related errors.

I don’t think it’s as easy to create a website with Google BlogSpot as it is through any other platform. With just a few clicks through a Gmail ID, a website is created. For this reason, those who do not know much about the website must create a website with BlogSpot.

02. Creating free websites with Google Sites

Google Sites is the modern tool to create a website. It offers the opportunity to create an attractive website completely free of charge. In early 2008, Google launched its Google site service. Initially, it didn’t catch the attention of web designers. Because in the first situation, after the start of google’s site, it was not possible to design the website very much by creating the website. But at the end of 2016, Google re-launched the redesign version of the Google site. Now using Google site, a website of much professional quality can be created completely free of charge.

The biggest advantage of creating a website with Google Site is that it is possible to create a website without any kind of coding knowledge and design it mentally. If you want, you can create a free website with Google site and design that website to professional quality. You can easily design it in your mind by dropping down and uploading it to every part of the website you create.

Moreover, it was not possible to add the top domain to the website created by google site in the past, but now the top-level domain can be added to the website created with google site. You can also make money from Google AdSense by creating a website here. Google is constantly working to improve this service, so in the future, more good websites can be created with Google sites for free.

03. Creating a free website with Wix

Wix is a cloud-based web development platform. After Google Blogger, Wix is the most popular website building platform in the world. Currently, more than 110 million people in different countries of the world are creating and using the website with Wix. The main attraction of Wix is the web theme of its unattractive design. These themes can only be used through dropdowns, so Wix is in a good position in terms of popularity.

With the help of Wix, it is possible to create a website in a very short time by making it very beautiful. If you want to create a website in a short time, then you can create a free website using Wix. There are two free and paid versions of Wix. If you use the free version, you will show Wix ads on your website. Then to remove the advertisement from the website, you have to remove the advertisement of the website using the paid version.

04. Creating a free website with Weebly

Weebly is very popular when it comes to building business websites. An online shopping store, blog, or beautiful website can all be created with Weebly. It is also possible to create a website very easily by dropping drugs like Wix. Especially if you want to create an online shopping website, then you can do it in a short time with Weebly. There are many types of SEO tools available for Google search engine optimization in the Weebly adaptor’s vogue. Using these tools for free, a lot of help can be taken in the SEO of the website.

There are also two versions of Weebly, free and paid. There are some limitations to the free version. For example, with the free version, different types of ads will be shown from Weebly on the website you create. Moreover, in the free version, you will not be able to add top-level domains.

05. Creating a free website with Webnode

Webnode web builders are very popular in both personal and business terms. You can create websites in different languages. Webnode is very popular when it comes to creating e-commerce sites. It is also of full use for various other devices including Android, iOS, and Mac.

Using Webnode, you can create a complete website with mobile and design it yourself. It can also be done by dropping the drug and creating a website without any kind of coding knowledge. They have themes in the unlimited of professional designs that you will like.

06. Creating a free website with WordPrees.Com

WordPress is a CMS (Content Management System) software. WordPress is the most popular of the most widely used CMS in the world today. There are two versions of WordPress usage. One can be used completely for free but the other one has to buy hosting and use it. If you want to create a free WordPress website, you need to create an account at WordPrees.Com. And to create a website on your own hosting server, you have to open an account in WordPress.Org and create a website.

WordPress.Com and WordPress.Org although the subject seems to be the same, there are many differences between the two. WordPress.Com is a free basic version of WordPress. You can use it completely free of charge. On the other hand, WordPress.Org is a full professional version of WordPress, which you have to use by buying hosting in exchange for money. You have to bear the full control and responsibility of it yourself. Almost everyone who creates a WordPress website creates a website using WordPress.Or the last word

I’ve always said one thing, if you want to create a website or blog for free, then you must create a website with google blogger. because google blogger is the most used and most reliable way to create a free website. moreover, google blogger is available with a fast-paced server due to google’s own product. no matter how much traffic there is to your website, the server will not be down at any time.

you can keep google site as the 2nd choice for building a website. because here a website can be created by drag and drop like other websites. since google blogger does not have a drag and drop system, if you want to create a website by dropping drugs, you can create a free website with google site.

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