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the advent of yoga asanas in India is very ancient in ancient times. since the time of that Purana, yoga has been practiced in India. there is no substitute for yoga to keep oneself healthy in our modern lifestyle. so yoga is being practiced all over the world. the benefits of yoga are given special importance in medical scriptures. but in order to practice yoga, it is necessary to know everything about it properly, such as the rules of yoga, the method of yoga, the benefits of yoga, etc.

What is Yoga

according to many, yoga is a practice through which proper movement, communication, and well-being of various organs of the body are maintained.

yoga is a means of finding the connection of nature with life. so the reality of nature can be found through the body by various gestures and breathing moves. through yoga, it is possible to awaken every sense and bring closeness to the world. it is very necessary to do yoga to find self-confidence and sattartikata.

Benefits of Yoga – Benefits of Yoga

the role of yoga asanas in reducing mental and physical stress and getting positive results is undeniable. yoga can benefit you in many ways. let’s take a look at the details:

Internal Health Benefits of Yoga

the role of yoga is strong in providing health benefits internally. there is no alternative to yoga to reduce any pain or pain in the body starting from blood circulation. if you practice yoga for 2 months as a rule, then you will be able to feel the changes in the body.

Blood circulation: Blood circulation

with the help of yoga, oxygen and essential nutrients enter the body properly. so the blood circulation can be maintained properly. this results in all the organs working properly and bringing a glow to the skin.

Reduce high blood pressure: Lowered blood pressure

by doing yoga every day, the blood circulation and proper movement of oxygen reduce high blood pressure. this makes the body cold.

To reduce the problem of shortness of breath or asthma: Lowered respiratory rate

make it a habit to do yoga if you have asthma tension or breathing problems. in this, the functioning of the lungs gradually comes to the right rhythm and relaxes.

Good for gas: Improvement in gastrointestinal health

by doing yoga every day, the digestive capacity increases, due to which the problem of gas is easily solved. apart from this, other stomach problems are also cured.

Increased levels of tolerance: Higher levels of pain tolerance

in addition to reducing various types of body pain, yoga helps to calm the brain. as a result, patience increases, and peace of mind is maintained.

Increases immunity: Increased immunity

the practice of yoga has a connection with the immune system. with the help of yoga, the body’s cells can be prevented from being damaged and the body gradually regains its immunity.

Energy and freshness in the body: Renewed Energy

through yoga, the body is re-energized thereby restoring freshness.

Development of the digestive system: increased metabolism

the more properly the digestive system works, the easier it will be to control weight. doing yoga asanas leads to the development of the digestive system.

Sleep is right: Sleep

the brain cools down through yoga asanas which keep the mood calm. for this, you can stay stress-free and the problem of insomnia at night goes away.

10. Cholesterol is reduced: Dropping the cholesterol

as a result of yoga, heart health is good and blood circulation is good. due to all this, cholesterol can be controlled effortlessly and good cholesterol can be produced.

11. Sodium is under control in the body: Keeping the Sodium in Check

due to the lack of sodium, various problems are seen in the body such as low blood pressure, thyroid, etc. through yoga, sodium is under control and can be kept away from various physical problems.

12. Triglycerides: Cutting Down the Triglycerides

when triglycerides increase in the body, the problem of diabetes arises. so nowadays, doctors advise people with diabetes to do a special type of yoga asana which reduces triglycerides.

13. Helps to increase red blood cells: boosted red blood cells

having the right amount of red blood cells means that the hemoglobin level is correct. as a result, there is relief from anemia. increases immunity. with the help of yoga, blood circulation is good, and red blood cells start to grow.

14. Reduces the Risk of Heart Diseases

through yoga, the oxygenation of the body i.e. the supply of oxygen in the body is good, due to which the rate of heartbeat is correct. as a result, various diseases can be prevented.

15. Asthma: Asthma

breathing is normal through yoga asanas, so the lungs are able to function easily when the problem of shortness of breath and asthma is removed. as a result, many problems like asthma or bronchitis are cured.

16. Arthritis: Arthritis

yoga asanas are done by various postures and physical exercises that reduce many bone problems and strengthen the rate. as a result, it is very beneficial for people suffering from arthritis.

17. Cancer: Cancer

various scientific experiments have proved that regularizing yoga asanas destroys cancer-causing cells in the body and produces high-quality cells. this greatly reduces the risk of getting cancer.

18. Good for migraine: Migraine

various types of nerve problems such as migraine or sinus are caused by excessive stress, fatigue, and anxiety. by doing yoga every day, the nerves calm down and the pain of migraine is relieved.

19. Good for bronchitis: Chronic bronchitis

if you have a cold, shortness of breath, accumulation of phlegm in the chest, or if you have bronchitis, do yoga with your mind. you will get results very soon. even if you practice yoga asanas daily, the tendency of it is greatly reduced in the case of those who have the pattern of bronchitis.

20. Constipation: Constipation

by doing yoga regularly, there is a lot of pressure on the lower part of the body and the digestive system is correct. as a result, constipation can be prevented.

21. Infertility or menopause: infertility and menopause

in the case of those who are unable to give birth due to infertility, many times yoga asanas play a very positive role. there are many yoga asanas that regularising can get rid of infertility. apart from this, the physical or mental problems that arise due to menopause in women, are also easily cured.

22. Sinusitis or other allergies: Sinusitis and Other Allergies

due to air pollution or any other reason, almost everyone nowadays has the problem of sinus or allergies. in this case, pranayama or yoga asana can be taken seriously to get a lot of comfort and freedom.

23. Reduces back pain: Back pain

yoga offers great benefits in reducing back pain. if you straighten the back for 30 minutes every day, the pain of the back is relieved very soon.

External Health Benefits of Yoga

you will understand the benefits of yoga for internal health. however, the benefits of yoga asanas have also been proven in various ways in the body. let’s see how:

Stops Aging Fast: Keeps Premature Aging at Bay

as you get older, the impression of old age does not have to come in the body. detoxification of the body can be done through yoga asanas as a result of which aging does not leave an impression on the body. yoga asanas also reduce stress which helps in keeping the mind fresh too.

Provides energy: Increasing strength

by doing yoga asanas, oxygen reaches all parts of the body properly, so there is energy in the body and the performance is maintained.

Allows You To Maintain The Ideal Weight

as a result of yoga, the digestive system is better, so the weight decreases.

Function of the Body: Integrated Function of the Body

yoga asanas mean assimilating all parts of the body with nature. as a result, the body’s movement and enthusiasm are maintained.

Keeps the body strong from the inside out: Increasing Core Strength

if the body is strong from the inside, it is always possible to stay healthy. as a result, the body can maintain its own weight and can heal on its own if there is any pain or irritation.

Tightening of muscles: Toning of the muscles

as a result of doing yoga every day, the muscles of the body become stiff and tighten beautifully which increases physical beauty.

Increases the endurance of the body: Improves Endurance

if the body is strong from the inside, the body’s tolerance increases. this is especially important for the players. yoga asanas help to increase the endurance of the body.

Emotional Health Benefits of Yoga

yoga forms an extraordinary link between the body and the mind. as a result, the benefits of yoga for mental health are also unparalleled. let’s take a look:

Uplifts Your Mood

by doing yoga, a different freshness and brightness emerge in the body and mind which keeps the mood relaxed very easily.

Reduce stress: Reduce stress

as a result of doing yoga regularly, stress and fatigue are under control. as a result, mental stress is reduced.

Reduce tension: Management of anxiety

due to proper control of breathing, tension and anxiety decrease and the mind is good.

Reduces depression: Fights depression

yoga is an extraordinary way to relieve the pain or sadness of the mind. if you feel depressed, if you close your eyes and practice yoga, you will feel depressed.

Increases self-control: Builds self-control

having self-control is very important to survive in life. through yoga asanas, the strength of the mind increases, and with it the feeling of self-control increases.

Increase attention: Builds Concentration

practicing or practicing yoga for just eight weeks increases attention. it’s very useful for students.

Improves memory: Improved memory

by doing yoga, the calmness of the body decreases, the concentration increases, so the memory and the ability to remember increases. this is very important for the students.

Ability to work perfectly: Attention to Detail

the way you follow every rule and advice perfectly while doing yoga, you have the same ability to find and know everything in the same way towards other things or subjects.

Positive outlook on life: Brings about a positive outlook to life


Types of Yoga

there are a total of 14 types of yoga practiced all over the world. that is, there are a total of 14 types of yoga:

1. hand yoga asanas – it usually provides relief to the body and relaxes the brain. this is done by sitting straight on the back and holding both hands upwards.

2. iyengar yoga asana – it refers to padmasana. it is very effective in reducing peace and stress in the brain.

kundalini yoga asana – kundalini yoga asana is the name of awakening the kundalini power of one’s heart by doing sadhana through tantra and meditation. this increases the strength and self-confidence of the mind.

ashtangana yoga asana – this type of yoga asana has a lot of physical care and exercise. in this, weight loss and various types of energy can be measured.

vinayak yoga asana – it is done in accordance with a scientific method in India which is propagated especially from vinayak mahavidyalaya.

6. vikram yoga asana – this yoga asana is practiced in a hot temperature room with deep breaths by various gestures.

hot yoga asanas – like the vikram yoga asanas, hot yoga asanas are also done at a hot temperature, but it may not be the one that needs any hot temperature room.

kripalu yoga asana – it is a lot like hand yoga. in Kripalu yoga asanas, the sadhana is performed by remembering the lord.

Jivamukti yoga asana – the physical, moral, and spiritual yoga asanas performed to promote devotion, non-violence and meditation are called jeevanmukti yoga asanas.

10. in yoga asana – this yoga asana is done at a slow pace.

restorative yoga asana – restorative yoga is the name of re-discovering one’s physical and mental status and moving in that direction.

maternal pre-yoga asanas – this type of yoga asana is done before or during pregnancy resulting in the birth of a healthy strong baby later and the physical condition of the mother is good.

13. Anusara yoga asana – spiritual thinking is increased through this yoga asana.

other strange types of yoga asanas – there are many yoga asanas that are a little strange compared to other yoga asanas but quite common. such as yoga asanas with the help of honey or mod, yoga asanas through laughter or crying, yoga asanas with the help of an animal or a bird, etc.

Rules of Yoga – Rules of Yoga in Bengali

there are some special rules for doing yoga asanas that your yoga teacher will tell you first. but if you know in advance, it will be more helpful for you. below are the necessary rules in detail:

  • the right dress

yoga is to be done in loose and comfortable clothes. he definitely needs a yoga mat on top of which to sit and practice. yoga asanas should always be done barefoot

  • the eating rules

make sure that the stomach is empty before doing yoga. that is, food can be eaten at least 2 to 4 hours before doing yoga and after 2 hours of yoga. if not, there may be discomfort in the body.

  • breathing

important learning in yoga is to take care of breathing.

  • do not force

it should be done slowly without force, otherwise, the pain in the body will increase.

  • weight is not a barrier.

many people think that to do yoga asanas, a very smooth and diseased body is needed. but that’s totally wrong. no matter what your weight is, you can do yoga asanas to your advantage.

Correct time to practice yoga

scientifically, the correct time for yoga asanas is 3:40 a.m. apart from this, yoga asanas are the best time when the sun rises. breathing in the cold and fresh weather of the morning keeps both body and mind refreshed. as a result, your day-to-day activities will go well.

in the morning, the mood of the mind is the coldest and calmest and with it, the brain is completely refreshed. wake up in the morning and wash your face and start doing yoga. slowly tighten the muscles, you will see that the body has started to lighten up. the holiest and best time to assimilate with nature is in the morning.

Things required for yoga

the following things must be seen before doing yoga:

  • clothing

the yoga dress should be loose and comfortable. with the help of this, you can do any posture of yoga. during this time, do not wear any ornaments or jewelry and glasses on the body.

  • time

5 am to 7 am is the right time to perform yoga asanas as this time you will be able to breathe the holy, cool, and clear air of nature. as a result, your mind and mood will remain relaxed throughout the day.

  • the right environment for yoga

whether at home or outside, in a park or in an organization, make sure that the place where you sit down to do yoga is peaceful and clean. don’t do yoga in a place where there is a lot of sun heat or cold in the conch.

What should be the mental state during yoga – Mental State for Yoga

it has already been said that yoga is a means of meeting the mind and body through which one can assimilate with nature. therefore, the state of mental state plays a very important role before doing yoga asanas in a natural way. these rules must be kept in mind before yoga:

  • before doing yoga, just think well to keep away all the worries or negative thoughts that are going on in life.
  • don’t do the yoga asanas that you are sitting down to do just because you have to do yoga regularly. sit down to do yoga with full desire and good feeling in your mind.
  • don’t do yoga in a hurry. you won’t get any results. take a slow breath and do yoga.
  • there is no need to do yoga if the body is in danger of illness. a healthy body and mind are very important for yoga.
  • follow the rules of yoga asanas and do yoga after following them. that is, do asana first, then pranayama, then dhyan abpang finally go out of yoga sleep.

Other Tips for Yoga

here are some more tips for you to do yoga so that you get completely positive results. let’s take a look:

  • don’t give up suddenly for the wrong reasons.

it’s wrong to give up suddenly. remember that yoga is taught according to one step. so be patient, go slowly.

  • take care of the food.

do not eat anything at least 2 hours before and after doing yoga. but apart from that, the food that you will eat should be very nutritious and rich in less oil, sour or spices. in any case, yoga asanas are a type of exercise that also helps in controlling your weight. so eat whatever you eat to keep the weight right.

Caution: Caution

some of the following precautions must be taken while doing yoga asanas:

  • teacher’s or doctor’s advice

if you are under some kind of doctor’s treatment before you go to start yoga, take his advice. according to your body structure and style, your teacher will be able to tell you exactly which yoga exercises you should do and which ones are not. unnecessary exercise can lead to the opposite.

  • during pregnancy or menstruation

it is forbidden to do extra yoga during menstruation. if you have to do it alone, just sit as a seat straight and do yoga asanas that are comfortable on the back and waist. again during pregnancy, if you think that you will do yoga, then consult the doctor well before that. if you have done yoga beforehand and find out that you are pregnant, then inform your teacher first.

  • pay attention to age and body.

no matter how good it is to do yoga, you should keep in mind your age and body condition. according to age and body, do not do anything outside of the yoga exercises that will be right for you.

from today’s post, it is certain that yoga has a lot of roles to play for any human being. so from today, you should start yoga to get the benefits of yoga asanas. if you follow precautions and rules, nothing stops in life. if you can be good in terms of both mind and body by doing yoga on it, then what is the delay? if you have any questions about this, please let us know through our comments.

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