What is Artificial intelligence?

A computer or any machine is a fool’s box. interaction is required to exploit them. using the programming language, we give some instructions to the computer or any machine, and the computer or the machines work accordingly. What is Artificial intelligence? Concepts about Artificial intelligence.

whatever instruction we give to this machine, the machine will work accordingly. you can’t do anything on your own outside of it. for the machine to do something on its own, it will need to purify some of its intelligence. we call the intelligence of machines artificial intelligence or artificial intelligence. if we think about a robot, the robot’s intelligence is artificial intelligence.

Concepts about Artificial intelligence

what’s the idea?

the intellect is the ability to acquire and apply knowledge. ordinary programs cannot acquire knowledge. but the machines or programs that are made in such a way that they can learn something on their own, we call them intelligent programs or intelligent machines. for example, the google search program is an intelligent program. if we search for something, it shows our search results depending on our previous search history, age, location, etc.

the goal of artificial intelligence is to give knowledge to computers or machines like humans. giving me the ability to think like a human being.

if we can improve artificial intelligence very much, it will be either the greatest change or the most terrible change. even our existence can be destroyed. we humans are intelligent and curious. we want to see what happens in the future. that’s the idea. and that’s why we will continue to develop artificial intelligence. we will try to make computers as intelligent as humans.

according to various experts, there are three categories of artificial intelligence or artificial intelligence.

ANI or Artificial Narrow Intelligence: ANI is an expert in a specific area. For example, the machine that can play chess can only do chess well. Even though it is easier to play ludo than play chess, if he is allowed to play ludo instead of playing chess, he will not be able to. ANI is also known as weak AI. We can call this the first step in artificial intelligence.

AGI or Artificial General Intelligence: The second step in artificial intelligence is AGI. It is also known as strong AI, or human-level AI. In this step, the computer will be able to think like a human being, plan like a human being, solve problems, suddenly see the surroundings in a new environment, and gain the ability to adapt to the environment.

ASI or Artificial Super Intelligence: The third stage of artificial intelligence. When a computer is more intelligent than a human being, we will call it artificial superintelligence. Researchers are now worried about what will happen if artificial super-intelligence systems are created, whether people will be good or bad.


There are many ANI programs on our smartphones. The most successful ANI program on the phone is Siri or Cortana. Google’s Allo is also an excellent application of ANI. If you haven’t used Allo yet, try installing it. Chat with Google Assistant. You can understand how much AI has improved. Google’s self-driving car is an example of the successful application of ANI. Facebook itself can be called ani factory. ANI is used on Amazon or all major websites. Each plate is operated by an ani system. ANI systems are used to operate nuclear plants. The maximum damage that ANI can do is a plane crash, nuclear plant crash, or small accidents if Google self-driving cars are available, etc.

Alan Turing is said to be the father of artificial intelligence. In the 1950s, Alan Turing mentioned a test to test whether a machine was intelligent, known as the Turing Test. At that time, there was a lot of research on artificial intelligence, but after this, the research on AI stopped for a long time. One of the main reasons is computational power. Computers at the time were not so powerful. As the processing power of computers increases, research on artificial intelligence has started again. A few days ago, Facebook, Google, and Amazon have signed a contract to do research on AI. Elon Musk founded the OpenAI platform.

The main thing needed to create an intelligent program is knowledge representation and reasoning. And scientists are trying to imitate how the human brain works for knowledge representation and reasoning in a beautiful way.

we’re researching space. i dream of creating a colony of people on Mars. I do everything by using this brain. even if space is far away, we can know a lot. but how the brain works, we still don’t understand. as much as we understand, we are trying to create intelligent systems using as much as we can.

the human head is composed of neurons. there are about 100 billion neurons in our brains. they are connected to one another, like a network. artificial neural networks have been created by imitating this biological neural network.

An artificial neural network is just a part of artificial intelligence. It is basically a branch of machine learning. And machine learning is a branch of artificial intelligence. Apart from machine learning, other aspects of AI are natural language processing, object recognition, pattern recognition, robotics, and evolutionary computation such as genetic algorithms, fuzzy systems, probability, prediction, and knowledge management, among others.

The ANI system lost humans in 1997. A computer named Deep Blue lost the world-famous chess grandmaster champion, Gary Kasparov. After Deep Blue, Alphago lost a man in March this year. The computer program called Alphago was created by Google’s Deepmind. This program was created to play the game ‘Go’. The go game is an ancient Chinese game.

by using artificial intelligence in various places including smart homes, smart cars, virtual assistants, and robots, we can make our lives easier. especially by using artificial intelligence in medical science and agriculture, it is possible to eliminate diseases and poverty from the world. those of us who want to learn something great can write about artificial intelligence. i hope that the hunger for knowledge and the career will meet together.

if you want to learn about artificial intelligence:
Udacity’s Intro to Artificial Intelligence course is great for getting the basic idea. All universities are taught from the book Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach. The book can be purchased from Neelkhet. The book is co-authored by Peter Norvig. Peter Norvig is the director of Google’s research team. And udacity’s an instructor with this course. Peter Norvig has a great article. Teach Yourself Programming in Ten Years। For those who haven’t read it, I’ll tell you to read it once. Apart from this, after doing this course, there are some other courses in audacity, such as machine learning, etc. You can also see them.
You can also check out edX’s Artificial Intelligence course. After knowing the basics, there are many resources online to learn. You have to have the courage to start.
An outline of Stanford’s AI course, slides can be found here.
If you have a lot of patience, you can watch the videos made by MIT. Apart from this, the lecture slides can also be downloaded and read. I don’t need to expect more than that to start learning.
for the fun of reading about artificial intelligence, you can see these:

Ex Machina (2015)
2001: A Space Odyssey
I, Robot
Matrix series
The Terminator series
Star Trek series
Tron series
Her (2013)
A.I. Artificial Intelligence etc।
TV series:

Person of Interest
Mr. Robot et al.

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