Fiverr secret tips !!

How to get always 5 stars from clients on Fiverr secret tips !!

What is Fiverr?

in fact, Fiverr is a marketplace where freelancing work is available. it was established in 2010. fiverr’s the main office is located in Israel. at first, Fiverr was named fiver because the price of all the services sold here was $5. it is called fiver for being the marketplace of that $5. however, with the gradual change of time, Fiverr is no longer a marketplace for its $5. however, on Fiverr, the minimum price to sell a service can still be kept at $5. Get always 5-stars from clients on Fiverr secret tips

In Fiverr, the services that freelancers sell are called gigs. there are many categories of gigs available on fiver. a few years ago, fiver was nowhere near Upwork. but gradually, fiver became popular. new freelancers have been leaning towards fiver since it was mainly made difficult to access a new account at Upwork from Bangladesh.

it was quite easy for new people to get work on fiver around 2015. but gradually the competition in Fiverr increased and now due to many policy updates of Fiverr, it has become much more difficult to get new orders from fiver than before. apart from this, there is a repeated complaint from fiver’s customer support, they never take the side of the seller. which has seen a lot of changes in 2020 and is thinking about the fiver sellers.

How to always get 5 stars on Fiverr

the common problem with all of you who work at Fiverr, who are new and old, is with the ratio. let me repeat Fiverr’s rule for beginners, “you can never ask for a review from a client in Fiverr, nor can you use the previous word.” “this one mistake may be the main reason for losing your id. a lot of clever people tactfully write feedback in the place of the ratio on who the client is. but there are risks too.

today I will share how I always get 5-star reviews from clients. I have about 89 reviews in my personal account, out of which 5 stars 87 2 4.

How to get always 5-stars from clients on Fiverr secret tips

Recipe 1: You must write in the gig so that he will give you a message before ordering. You’ll tell this article once on top of the gig description and once at the end. This will reduce your auto order. And you can be sure whether you can do the job. This will reduce your bad review power chances. And buyer from Bangladesh, Pakistan, India, and Nigeria will survive a bit from the clientele. I’ll write a post about how to survive them later.

Recipe 2: This is the technique I follow from the beginning of my account. Let me tell you earlier that this technique may not be liked by many, but it works like magic to me. When I follow recipe 1, I write in the gig about inboxing. Then all my clients came and knocked on me. I listen to their repairs beautifully and I try to respond very quickly to the best of them, that’s why I’ve made custom messages. If everything I do with them, I tell them I want to do your work before order, and if you’re not 100% satisfied with my work, I’ll take orders from them.

Many clients are happy with this. I complete his work well and tell Him if he is happy. If he gives a yes signal, I send him a custom order and if I can’t complete the work, for some reason, I can tell him I’m sorry. I survived the bad review. Now tell me, brother, what will you do if you don’t order the work from the client? Don’t tell them brother that the real clients won’t do that to you, those who are will mess up before the order and take a refund even after the order.

in my life, I have never been in such danger that a refund has been made after the order. another thing about the review is that the client gives negative reviews but you give good reviews, this danger is not here because you know which review you are getting. roughly the most advantage I get from following the two recipes is good understanding with the client. which helps to get another job later on.

hopefully, if you work on the above formula, you will be able to protect your account very easily and undesirable.

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