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what is computer software? how many types and what?

The sum of instructions in a programming language for the purpose of performing a task is called software. For example, Microsoft Word, Illustrator, Windows 7 or 10 ( Windows 7 or 10 ), etc. Another name for the software is a program or application. Software is called the vitality or invisible power of a computer. Because without software, computer hardware is as useless as a lifeless body. The software cannot be seen and cannot be caught or touched. We can only see the user interface (UI).

types of software

There are mainly two types of software. Namely: 1. System software 2. Practical software or application software

1. what is system software? the computer’s hardware and the supporting programs used to execute various software are called system software. there are three types of system software: i.e. i) operating software ii) utility software and iii) device software

i) Operating software: The software used to operate and control the computer is called operating system software. For example Windows, Mac, Linux, etc. Computers cannot be operated without operating software (OS). The most popular operating software in our country is Windows 7, and Windows 10.

(ii) Utility software: The software used to maintain the computer is called utility software. For example antivirus, disk cleaner, backup utility, etc. Utility software is very important for increasing the performance of the computer.

(iii) Device software: The software that is provided with the device is called device software. They are also called drivers. The device software acts as a translator between hardware and software. For example, if you buy a new scanner/printer/modem, you must first install a driver when you add it to the computer. This is called device software. Sometimes these devices are given in a different CD/DVD from the software given to the device. In special cases, it has to be downloaded from the Internet.

What is practical software or application software? The software that is created for the purpose of performing a particular task is called practical software or application software. This software gives a special advantage to the user to perform a specific task. For example Accounting Software (Odoo Accounting/ Wave Accounting), Graphics Software (Illustrator/Photoshop), Internet browsers (Google Chrome/Mozilla Firefox), Office Programs (MS Word/Excel/PowerPoint), etc. There are two types of application software. Namely: i) Customized software ii) Package software

i) Customized software: Customized software is a specific program used in an organization or company to solve certain tasks or problems. Creating this type of software is expensive, but the advantage is that customized software can be changed if needed. An example of customized software is:

a) a company developed software with its own money to make its digital management system, through which the presence and absence of employees, the time to come and go, the calculation of salaries, etc., can be easily known.

b) the software company has readymade hospital management software. now the owner of a hospital thought that all the facilities are not available with this software. so he created separate custom software for his hospital. with which patients, nurses, and doctors can be easily managed.

c) a bank makes software for itself in accordance with the highest security to provide banking services to its customers. sometimes the software is updated to solve various problems.

ii) Package software: The software that is available for free or online for practical work is called package software. For working in the same category, package software is available in bundle size with the same features. Software manufacturers present Package Software publicly to the public. For example Microsoft Company’s Office programs (Word/Excel/PowerPoint), Adobe’s (Photoshop/Illustrator), etc. Package software is available at a lower cost. However, it cannot be changed according to the wishes or convenience of the user.

Big information technology companies (IMB, Microsoft, Apple, Google, Facebook) are successfully creating and marketing various software. Artificial intelligence software is currently on the market for the benefit of human beings. With this software, many difficult tasks can be done very easily.

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