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A well-organized e-commerce website design template for full free download. This e-commerce website has multiple pages, It was made by using HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, And Javascript. This e-commerce website has multiple well-matched images and a free website code.

E-Commerce Website design template free download – FreeWebsiteCode

All kinds of e-commerce functionality like product display, check out pages, add to cart option, order placement, etc. E-Commerce Website design template free download.

what is e-commerce?

things to do to launch e-commerce

e-commerce is directly related to information technology. there are many possibilities in our country. the advantage of e-commerce is that it takes less capital here. willpower, creativity, and hard work are the biggest capital of the e-commerce business. many mediums are needed to run this business. traders, retailers, service providers, banks, policymakers, third payment processors, and, above all, buyers or consumers are treated as means of e-commerce.

E-Commerce Website design template is the way to conduct financial transactions by bringing these mediums on one platform. groundwork is very important for starting this business. first, you need to formulate a plan to run the business with a business model.

strategic factors to be included in the plan are:

1. creation of the website;
search engine optimization (SEO);
product or content marketing;
4. branding of e-commerce companies;
receiving the help of the media;
6. advertising;
ability to take pictures and audio videos and upload them;
the ability to write about the product and create interesting titles;
research or survey to determine the demand for the product or content;
10. banking and mobile banking facilities as payment gateways;
11. transportation of goods;
12. automatic connectivity with the consumer.

e-commerce created
a website is a new name in the context of Bangladesh. due to the steps taken by e-cab, gradually new entrepreneurs and businessmen are getting involved in e-commerce. to become a successful businessman in e-commerce, you must first create a website. because e-commerce is run through the website. the things that are important to create a website are:

  1. choosing the domain name;
  2. hosting and domain purchases;
  3. determine the platform for creating a website;
  4. the creation of the website and its security.

domain name
to create an organization’s website, you have to choose a beautiful domain name. because the name is very important in the management of e-commerce. customers usually search online by imagining the name of the company with the name of the product. in this case, the domains that depend on the keywords show the search engine. however, in order to fix the domain name, it should be taken care that it is not too long. in this case, a domain name of 4-10 characters is good.

Domain and hosting purchase
Hosting means storing or storing all the data/images/videos, etc. in the virtual storage of the website. There are different types of hosting. For example Shared Hosting, Cloud Hosting, VPS Hosting, Dedicated Hosting, etc. It is better not to take domain hosting from the same company. However, if you are faithful, it’s different in this case. Because, for some reason the domain provider takes the domain, it is difficult to express in words how big the loss will be. In this case, Goddady is the trusted company for the purchase of domains and hosting.

Domains are usually available starting from Rs 750 to Rs 1200. The price may vary from company to company. The domain is taken for one year and has to be renewed at the end of the year. In Bangladesh, hosting is usually available from Rs 50 to Rs 18,000. Although the price of shared hosting is the lowest, cloud hosting is the best for e-commerce.

After purchasing the platform and
hosting of the platform for the creation of a website, one has to look at creating a beautiful and easy website. There are many organizations in Bangladesh to create websites. However, e-commerce websites can be created at home with their own talent and creativity. Here are some of the easiest ways to create a website:

Woocommerce: This is a WordPress plugin. Newcomers can easily create websites using it. It doesn’t take any coding database to create a website. All the benefits of e-commerce are available only by activating the plugin.
Magento: Magento is one of the most popular CMSs currently used for e-commerce sites. It is a free open-source CMS. It is developed in the Zend framework. This cm has a variety of timely features for creating e-commerce websites. Magento has many free and premium themes and plugins. If anyone wants, you can create an e-commerce website with free Magento themes and plugins.

Gen-Cart: The CMST that is at the top of popularity in the open-source store management system is the Zen-Cart.
OS-Commerce: Os-Commerce is one of the top online store management software popular in open-source commerce or OS-commerce.
Prestashop: An open-source CMS completely free. Within a few days of the start of The Prestashop’s journey, it gained a lot of popularity. The main attraction is the design, which is not seen in any other CMS.
Open-Cart: Open-Cart is one of the easy-to-use and attractive design open-source shopping cart software.
WordPress is the most commonly used in creating e-commerce websites. Through this, an e-commerce website of any design can be created as desired. In addition, the use of WordPress is very easy to use and the only available is the wide advantage of customizing. WordPress’s Woocommerce, Magento, Zen-Cart, and Open-Cart are some of the easiest to use. However, if someone wants to run a business easily, then it is better to use Woocommerce or Open Cart.

e-commerce websites can be easily created using the following plugins in WordPress:

  1. Woocommerce Plugin (https://www.woothemes.com/woocommerce/)
  2. Cart66 Lite Plugin (http://cart66.com/)
  3. eShop Plugin (http://quirm.net/eshop-2/)
  4. Jigoshop Plugin (https://www.jigoshop.com/)
  5. WP E-Commerce Plugin (https://wpecommerce.org/)
  6. Shopp Plugin (https://shopplugin.net/)

Website Security
After creating the website, it is necessary to pay attention to its security. No matter which platform the website is built on, its security should be ensured first. Cdn service should be used with hosting. Max is pretty good at CDN premium. Cloudflare can also be used. In addition, strong passwords should be used for the sake of security. In addition, the Site Lock service and the WordPress Security plugin can be used.

search engine optimization (SEO)

the e-commerce site needs to have an idea about SEO in order to bring it early in website search. because the more visitors to the site can be increased, the more it will be possible to increase the purchase and sale of products. a list of the products to be purchased and sold should be prepared by determining the demand for the products to be purchased and sold. for the purchase and sale of goods, media, especially social media, national and local print, and electronic media can be chosen.

marketing plans for e-commerce management

e-commerce management has to formulate a marketing plan for the purchase and sale of product content. because the success of e-commerce depends to a great extent on the marketing strategy of the product. marketing planning can be done in several ways:

registration of customers;
registration of product manufacturers;
registration of traders and retailers;
transactions in credit card and mobile banking;
create a volunteer team;
formation of a marketing team.

customer registration
the e-commerce site should take the initiative to create customers for buying and selling products. for this, there should be a customer registration system on the site. in the beginning, the members of the marketing team will take the initiative to create customers by using their personal identities. a database with each customer’s address has to be created. as soon as the order for the purchase of goods is received from the customer, it should be delivered to the specified address.

keep in mind that the customer’s confidence has to be earned by delivering within the stipulated time by maintaining the quality of the product. then the customer will work to promote and expand the organization and gradually this number will increase. agreements can also be concluded with various shops on the purchase and sale of goods. their list should also be stored online.

of product producers as the ads are set up in the villages, a list of the manufacturers of various products of the grassroots will have to be prepared. they will have to take the system of registration for the sale of their produce. producers of goods, especially farmers, artisans, cottage industry manufacturers, and fishermen, should be made members of the e-commerce site.

it will be easier to sell products produced by those who use the website regularly. a database of the registered ones has to be created. product manufacturers can regularly come to the e-commerce center and sell the products. even those interested in buying goods can come to the center or buy the prescribed products by ordering through card or mobile banking online.

of traders and retailers, a list of traders and retailers will have to be formulated keeping in view the needs of the customer. according to the list, you have to keep in regular contact with them. by sourcing products from these traders and retailers, sales can be increased step by step through e-commerce sites.

the process of buying transaction credit cards through credit card and mobile banking is easy.
the bank has a computer server to complete this program, and the entrepreneur or organization that sells on its own website will keep server management. the entire operation is carried out through specially developed software. when a buyer enters the website and chooses the product and clicks on a specific place to pay, the message will go to the server of the particular bank.

if the customer grants permission to use his secret pin code, the bank will deduct the specified amount by checking the customer’s account through the payment gateway from the bank’s server. if the bank is not desi, the number from the payment gateway will go to the visa or master card network. from here it will be approved with the permission of the specified bank and the bank will deduct the money from the buyer’s account and deposit it as the seller.

payments can be made through any bank’s credit card. the whole process will take a few minutes to complete. and keeping in mind that the customer’s information cannot be easily collected by anyone else, online transactions are using HTTPS (hypertext transfer protocol secured) technology, which is safe in terms of security. however, many people in the village do not have credit cards. they make money on mobile. in that case, a mobile banking facility can be effectively utilized.

volunteer teams can be formed with the youth of the village who are interested in voluntarily cooperating in the purchase and sale of self-employed
products. they need to create a database and keep it online. these volunteers will be able to help in the sale of products produced in the village, as well as play a role in the purchase of goods according to the needs of the people of the village. they will highlight the products of the e-commerce site to the people of the village.

the formation of
the marketing team can first recruit a few young people on a small scale on behalf of the organization. they have to form a marketing team and arrange for the sale of products. the members of this team will create new customers and keep in touch with them regularly.

as a payment gateway, various initiatives and arrangements are going on to make banking and mobile banking facility
e-commerce effective and popular. Bangladesh bank launched the national payment switch (NPS) in December 2012. this is very necessary for e-commerce. the national payment switch (NPS) was introduced mainly to increase people’s involvement in e-commerce and make transactions easier. the NPS will remove the limitations that existed on making purchases on the internet using a platform. it is actually a universal payment gateway. with the introduction of payment gateways in electronic systems, all types of electronic banking systems including atm cards, and mobile banking have come to the same platform. any bank’s atm card can be used in another bank’s booth to withdraw money. apart from this, mobile banking, retail shopping point of sales (pos) activities, and internet transactions have become easier day by day. mobile banking of any bank can be done with other banks. without any international payment gateway, visa and master cards can be purchased regularly in the country.

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