What is freelancing, how to learn freelancing and make money online !!!

For everyone who comes to learn to freelance, the first question that comes up is what it takes to do freelancing brother? as soon as new people hear the word freelancing, everyone is thrilled to learn. but it’s not as easy as they thought it was to get started. many times many people make various mistakes in the range of good mentors or follow the wrong good steps. today I will briefly discuss some issues.

What does it take to be successful in freelancing?

1. knowledge

2. wish

3. time

4. the right mentor or guideline

5. patience

6. don’t give up and have confidence in yourself

knowledge: many people may not agree with me on this topic, but really takes knowledge to do freelancing. it’s not a thing for 5-6 kids to do. it’s not even rocket science. but knowledge is necessary for everything here as well. before you were experienced in any field of freelancing, you put the freelancer before the name and became a freelancer.

there are two things that we have to learn from basic theories and practicals about everything that we have to learn here as well. here knowledge refers to knowledge of what you want to work on. if your English skills are rough, you can do quite well in this sector, but if you are weak in English, it is better for you to learn English because there is very little chance of surviving without English here.

wish: this one word can change your life. however, there are two types of freelancing desires, the desire to learn freelancing for income money, for two learning purposes, and for those who want to learn freelancing well from their passion. simply put in Bengali, very few of those who come with the no. 1 wish to survive till the end. and very few of those who come with a desire no. 2 fall.

time: in the beginning, the biggest deficiency seen among all the biggies is this time setting. and this is where most people make mistakes. they come to different places after seeing thousands of dollars in advertisements and after 2-3 months, they also think that they will get thousands of dollars in their pockets and drop because, in 2-To 3 months, no one can make anyone a millionaire.

freelancing is not the number 2 profession that you will start with and become a millionaire. here you have to take it to your head that your income will come out with your experience. just as you can’t get up to class 10 with shortcuts from class 5, you won’t become an expert from Newby with shortcuts here as well. you have to know a lot of things to gain. for this, you will have to take a lot of time to slow down.

Mentor: This is a very important step for beginners. Due to one mistake, your entire career can be in danger. Just as you can’t be mature without a teacher, you can’t move forward without proper guidelines and mentors. Yes, many people learn by downloading the course from Udemi/Linda, but it is very difficult to proceed like this. In that case, the guidelines are to look around that who already have income from the marketplace, Talk with them and learn from them.

patience: why is this step important? freelancing focuses more on the practical than on the theoretical. so it will take a lot of time for you to give you a lot of time to solve these things during practice and practice. and another task that takes this patience is in client communication and client satisfaction.

confidence in yourself: many freelancers come and get caught in this sector by completing all the above steps beautifully. I even ate myself and spent 2 years of my own helplessness. after learning all the work well, when you go to the marketplace, suddenly there will be many disappointments for you.

you can’t get this job, this competition is very high how to do what to do. the only way to get out of this thing is to keep the pressure on yourself that you will have with you. in my opinion, if you accept these 6 things above, you are bound to succeed. thank you for your valuable time reading such great work.

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