What is digital marketing? Learn about details of Digital Marketing Strategy

The word digital is a widely used word in the modern internet-dependent world. more or less we all know that the process of leaving everything old behind and introducing modern technology and methods is called digital. take for example the “clock”.

earlier, people knew only the clock with a cut. but now he does not have the background, now people are more used to the digital clocks of mobile screens or smart devices. so, why this change? digital technology is the result of the competition that is going on with time to simplify people’s needs and tasks because it makes tasks easier in the modern era.

by now, reading about the digital world, your mood has deteriorated I am coming to learn digital marketing and what is telling me now. there are actually two things, but they’re not irrelevant at all. as digital as clocks have become in the evolution of time, marketing has actually gone digital in line with when mobile phones have become smarter. just as you know the clock is in two ways, analog clock and digital clock, you can also divide digital marketing into two parts.

1. Offline marketing

2. Online marketing

What is digital marketing? Learn about details of Digital Marketing Strategy

History of digital marketing

Digital marketing: The beginning of digital marketing is said to be in the 1990s and 2000s. It began in 1971 with Ray Tomlinson’s first e-mail. In the 1990s, with the launch of the Archie Search Engine, digital marketing began to gain momentum. Then, leaving the first list broker system, different companies focused on database marketing.

The digital marketing revolution began in the 2000-the 2010s. During this time, people are familiar with many new technologies. For example, search engines like Google and Yahoo, the rise of Facebook and various social media, the arrival of iPhone & Android and smartphones in the market, and the easy availability of the Internet give digital marketing a different momentum at this time, which has reached another peak at this time.

why is digital marketing important?

it is difficult to answer the question of why digital marketing is not more important than the question of why it is important. let’s wash your brain with an example.

well tell me, is it easy to catch a fish in the river with a spear or is it easier and less time-consuming to fish from a small pond full of fish? the answer must be a pond. because you know there’s fish there. you have ideas about what fish you have cultivated or what baits they eat, but not in the case of river fish. you don’t even know if you’ll find fish.

digital marketing is also a strategy where you can run marketing by targeting your specific customers. as a result, your chances of success increase by almost three times. because you are getting enough customers in exchange for very little time, hard work, and money.

let’s say you’re a bookseller. now you can sell a lot of books. but you want to sell children’s books. now you have started distributing billboards and leaflets in the market outside and in the market for this. but you’re not getting the desired results because you’ve marketed in a huge market. you have distributed leaflets to people of all ages, many of whom have no interest in children’s books.

so what can be done now? now suppose you are told a system from which you know the list of some people who are interested in buying children’s books. now you’ve only advertised those people or marketed your products. now you tell me which medium is more convenient and beneficial for you. I hope you don’t have to say the answer. yes, this is digital marketing, so its importance is much more.

strategies or strategies of digital marketing:

1. content marketing




5. email marketing

6. affiliate marketing


ideas about small marketing strategies:

1. content marketing

in fact, you yourself are now in a content market. if you tell me how you are reading this blog post of mine. this post is also a kind of content marketing. video, ebooks, images and infographics, and content are part of marketing.

2. search engine marketing

search engine marketing is also called paid search advertising in other words. in simple words, it is called search engine marketing to bring traffic to the site by advertising by paying the search engine money. google add and bing add are examples.

3. search engine optimization

search engines, such as google or bing, rank in any keyword, which are called search engine optimization, the means of getting traffic from search engines organically free of charge from search engines. we’ll discuss this in detail in another post.

4. social media marketing

the method of getting traffic or visitors by providing ads from social media (e.g. Facebook) is called social media marketing. here you can make your business profitable by showing the ad to a fully targeted customer. Facebook ad is now a very popular medium of social media marketing.

5. email marketing

email marketing in the old ways of digital marketing is a very effective and popular marketing strategy. here, Marquette’s people collect emails or leads from certain people or companies and send a variety of offers to their emails.

6. affiliate marketing

affiliate marketing is now a very popular marketing way. basically, if you pay someone else to promote your business, it is called affiliate marketing. in the same way, if you have promoted a company’s product in some way, then it is also affiliate marketing.

7. conversion rate optimization

the method of optimizing a company (lead, call, sales, chat) is called conversion rate optimization. it is mainly used in the optimization of existing customers.

what is the future of digital marketing?

many people think that digital marketing does not have a future or that it should be chosen as a career. a lot of people make a lot of arguments. actually, I’m not going to argue. the only question for you is how long you could have been without your phone, tv, Facebook, or internet. or do you think people will soon give up using phones, tv, Facebook, and the internet?? even if you give up, digital marketing will not stop. digital marketing is also needed to run the new medium. so you can definitely choose digital marketing as a career.

It was calculated that the digital advertising spending worldwide amounted to 325 billion U.S. dollars in 2019 and that after a drop in 2020 due to the coronavirus related market issues, it would grow to 389 billion dollars in 2021.

Source- Statesman

so it is understood that digital marketing is actually a very potential sector. digital marketing is going to rule the whole of this decade or century. I hope this short post of mine has answered the questions in your mind to some extent.

I hope you’ll be on the side. thanks for reading such a big post.

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